Reliable transportation, or lack thereof, is a key social determinant affecting many individuals. While the CrossTx platform is accessible in the field, not all provided care and social services are mobile, thus requiring an individual to have or find reliable transportation, occasionally resulting in missed appointments. To solve this problem, CrossTx and Uber Health have partnered to provide reliable transportation for these individuals. Clinical care and social service providers request and schedule rides for individuals in need of reliable transportation by navigating the same, comfortable user interface of Uber that its users are familiar with, directly within the CrossTx application.

  • Reliable transportation

  • Comfortable user interface

  • No more missed appointments

It Takes a Village

Who knows a patient better than their doctors? Their family, their friends, their neighbors.

CrossTx provides free tools for community resources, centered around a care coordinator who ensures consistent care, communication and collaboration with the patient and their care team.  CrossTx helps to facilitate better health workflow by engaging with the community in a secure, HIPAA compliant platform. Leveraging resources and consolidating information to provide patients with the most well-rounded experience possible, what we like to call “Whole-Person Care”. By allowing secure access to a designated care coordinator the community can request, schedule, coordinate, and document episodes of care as they occur.

  • Invite friends, family and/or community resources to connect

  • HIPAA compliant, data-secure environment

  • 360º view of patient health

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