Reduce Re-admissions


Save $2 for every $1 spent (Increase revenue by 200%)*

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*HealthAffairs: An Insurer’s Care Transition Program Emphasizes Medication Reconciliation, Reduces Readmission and Costs. July 2016.

Medication Management

CrossTx’s medication management capabilities give providers a consistent view of both billed and prescribed patient records. Get a 360º view of all patient health information and catch sub-optimally dosed patients while working with them on an effective treatment plan.  Coupling medication management with an Advanced Practice Pharmacist allows both provider and payer to increase patient safety while decreasing costs associated with medication interventions.

  • Manage high cost medication utilization

  • Increase patient safety

  • Simplify workflow

  • Increase staff productivity and optimize data collected

  • Establish patient trust

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