Optimize Collaboration

Manage referrals and discharges through a streamlined workflow specifically built for improving staff productivity with simple technology. Analyze referral trends and track patient pipelines so a referral is never missed again. Collaborate seamlessly with the care team to effectively manage patient healthcare plans and goals. Know why, when and from whom a patient was referred and be informed with real-time status updates. Streamline communication via CrossTx’s national network of providers on a simplified, easy-to-use interface. Most importantly, close-the-loop on all referrals that cross the care team’s path so that no patient is left in the dark.

  • Closed-loop referral management

  • Keep patients in-network

  • Save time and reduce paperwork

  • 360° view of patient

Close the Loop

Closed loop referral management keeps communication across the care continuum succinct, efficient and seamless. Collaborative tools provide a comprehensive view of a patient’s medical history while improving patient experience with real-time progress notes and updates. Designate the level of care expected from each provider and submit a complete patient referral by attaching essential patient medical history. Control specific patient centered preferences and request reports to be electronically sent back to the referring physician so that all members of the care team have a 360° view of the patient.

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