Premier Referral Management

The integrated approach to provider network coordination and management 

As Behavioral Health responsibility shifts to school districts, educational leaders are faced with shouldering the burden of connecting students and staff members to appropriate care and social services.  CrossTx focuses those efforts by engaging on behalf of the school with highly qualified health care professionals and community resources through closed-loop referral management, matching school district child with the proper, credentialed behavioral health specialist.  CrossTx comprehensive reporting capabilities document and track the services provided to students, families, and staff members in a full digital report and complete, HIPAA compliant audit trail.  With CrossTx move beyond reactionary strategies and ensure no child, parent and even staff is left without access to necessary care.  

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CrossTx Experience

At CrossTx our priority is people and improving the quality of care through innovative technology designed for the distributed reality of today’s healthcare ecosystem.  Our foundational healthcare network technology, flexible and extensible, supports value-based care models today and into the future.

Our referral management platform not only streamlines and harmonizes the patient experience across networks, but also unites disparate health data sources, integrates with all electronic health record, practice management and health information exchange systems.

By closing critical gaps in care, bolstering collaboration across both singular and plural healthcare networks while strengthening health provider experience, CrossTx powers the value-based healthcare organization: lowering overall costs while improving revenue by ensuring high-quality care and referral compliance, while introducing advanced care coordination, care management all in a secure cloud-based complaint solution.