Principal Care Management (PCM)

Purpose Built

For Clinic Administration & Specialty Care Providers

Various specialists from cardiologists to neurologists can capture CMS reimbursement for care coordination activities the care team is already performing.
Clinics that are doing CCM can augment their program with PCM in 2022. The new rules enable greater access to care coordination for patients that didn’t previously qualify.

Multiple Streams of Revenue

National Average often over $150.00 PMPM

CMS Compliant

The CrossTx platform ensures each requirement for CCM (time tracking, care plan, consent, etc.) are present with necessary guardrails to support compliance with the Federal Register’s Final Rule. 

consultation tool

Registry includes HIPAA compliant consultation tool to communicate in real time with psychiatric medical provider (PMP)

More Great Features

Supports expanded offering and billing for 2022

Demonstrates continuous value-added updates to the CrossTx platform

Turnkey business solution

(no need for customization and extra cost)

Make the Shift To

Value-Based Care

Level up using industry leading turnkey solutions. for:


Chronic Care Management


Social Determinants of Health


Behavioral Health Integration


Collaborative Care Management


Remote Physiological Monitoring

Functional Platform

Regulatory Updates

Stay up-to-date, and continue to provide care, when government programs require new rules for patients with multiple conditions.

Turnkey Process & Procedure

Clinic tailored documentation and workflow for all Care Coordination service lines.

CMS Compliance

Necessary guardrails to support compliance with CMS.

Full Reporting Suite

Reports simplify generation of billing whether in-clinic or third party & tracks patient care & associated billing.

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