Remote Physiological Monitoring (RPM)

Purpose Built

For Clinic Administration

Capitalize on your clinic’s investment in remote patient monitoring devices to improve overall care coordination and patient outcomes. Clinics that seek to pair CCM and RPM access one system to coordinate and manage all billing.
The CrossTx RPM Software and Service empowers clinics to extend clinical care into your patients’ homes strengthening patient relationships and improving clinical outcomes.

The turnkey solution is designed to be highly profitable and support the delivery of premier, continuous care.

Sync your hardware

With CrossTx for enhanced monitoring.

Integrate with EHRs

And other software as needed.

Device Requests

View which provider requested the device.

More Great Features

Simplify complex billing requirements

Based on different remote data streams

Dual eligibility is frequent

Enabling greater PMPM


Reimbursed between ~$48.29- ~$206.77 PMPM

Continuous patient engagement

To optimize patient loyalty, clinic scaling and reimbursement.
Make the Shift To

Value-Based Care

Level up using industry leading turnkey solutions. for:


Chronic Care Management


Complex Chronic Care Management


Behavioral Health Integration


Collaborative Care Management


Remote Physiological Monitoring

Functional Platform

Regulatory Updates

Stay up-to-date, and continue to provide care, when government programs require new rules for patients with multiple conditions.

Turnkey solution

Efficient workflows, customized processes and procedures, while maximizing patient adherence.

Secure and Compliant

Maintains current CMS guidelines and HIPAA compliance.

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