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Care Coordination

CrossTx is a premier cloud-based healthcare coordination platform that improves the overall patient experience. Primary care providers can seamlessly communicate across the care continuum while managing, tracking and analyzing a patient’s history and future healthcare needs; all while driving revenue, reducing costs, simplifying workflow and streamlining communication.

Patient Engagement

Improve the overall quality of healthcare with patient centered care coordination and faster treatment timelines. Closed-loop processes help healthcare providers create deeper, more efficient connections with those involved in the delivery of patient care. All connected providers have a clear view of every encounter and are notified as a patient progress is made. This translates to clinician preparedness, seamless communication and overall excellence in patient experience.

Increase Staff Productivity

Minimize human resources and increase productivity with less time spent making phone calls, sending faxes and mailing letters and finally get rid of the sticky notes. Simplify workload and necessary paperwork for every patient encounter with standardized data across all exchange interfaces. As a user-friendly, easy to learn platform, CrossTx simplifies a clinicians day-to-day workload.

Drive Revenue

CrossTx has built a clinical workflow designed around the best practices for care plans and chronic condition management to capture vital information from the community, family, and the patient. Track the time staff spends coordinating care for patients and export chronic condition reimbursement reports to generate extra revenue. Get started today by calculating your potential revenue.


Reports & Analytics

Track patient referral trends and treatment information. Run reports to record different populations of patients. Manage the time spent on care incidents, activities and comments to submit for Medicare Chronic Condition Management reimbursement. Generate real-time chronic condition reports and export monthly for easy billing.